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Oxbow World Longboard Tour in San Clemente

Oxbow is launching the 2nd step of the Oxbow World Longboard Tour in San Clemente, California – November 2008

Oxbow is pleased to confirm the organization of the 2nd step of the Oxbow World Longboard Tour 2008! This time, under ASP judgment, the top 48 riders will have the chance to fight for the world title on the historic wave of San Onofre in San Clemente, California from the 4th
to the 9th of November 2008.

“We are very proud to offer a real World Tour to Longboarding by launching this second step in the U.S.A.” claims Eric Bonnem.
In May 2008, Oxbow organized the first stage of the Oxbow World Longboard Tour 2008 in Anglet, France. An intense week of competition and show, during which we had the chance to witness the consecration of the Australian surfer Harley Ingleby. The French longboarder Antoine Delperro finished 2nd and the former world champion Phil Rajzman reached the 3rd place. A great suspense is heralded for the final step in San Clemente!
Come and see the world’s best longboarders from the 4th to the 9th of November 2008 on San Onofre’s beach in San Clemente, California.

SAN ONOFRE by Sam Bleakley

San Onofre is a deeply symbolic surfing break in California’s colourful beach culture, famous for its smooth peeling waves and beach fires set against the sandstone cliffs and scattered palms. This is one of the most important waves in the early development of Californian surfing, along with Wind and Sea and Malibu. The moment I arrived this morning I was reminded of San O’s rich waveriding heritage. The atmosphere is perfect. It was calm and welcoming as a foggy sky hung over a small north swell and slow waves kissed the cobbles on the shore.

I paddled out with newly crowned ISA World Longboard Champion and oxbowpro teamrider Matthew Moir from South Africa and greeted a host of international competitors and friends outback. Longboarders from France, Brazil, California and Hawaii brought some flavour to the day, and the likes of Duane Desoto, Noah Shimabukuro and Taylor Jenson lit up the place with a content smile and some silky surfing. As the weather cleared and the infamous west coast sun poked through, the action came alive in the water. The poor 2-3 feet swell had not attracted many locals, but keen to gel with the wave before the WLT event begins tomorrow, Harley Ingelby (current ASP WLT leader) and Kai Sallas painted the crumbly faces with fast carving roundhouse cutbacks. Then a few pelicans taught us all a lesson in grace and style as they glided across the back draft of a small set. The surf was poor, but San O has a habit of maintaining a mellow, positive atmosphere in the lineup.

San O is a special place in my personal surf history because I scored one of the most memorable waves of my early surfing days here when I was aged 9. I paddled in, locked in trim, the face mirrored back a searing sun, and the wave unrivalled further than I could imagine. Ever since, San O has been a powerful place for me (and many thousands of other surfers) to visit. The wave quality is not the highest in Southern California, but it’s ideal for longboards and the atmosphere is unrivalled. This is one of the main reasons oxbowpro has chosen to host the final event of the WLT right here. I have been looking forward to competing at San O for months, so my first session was a pleasure. After the surf I talked with Nat Young in the carpark and local super stars Colin McPhillips, Taylor Jenson and Josh Baxter. Then I returned back to our apartment in San Clemente with oxbowpro team manager Lucas Levazac and British competitor Ben Skinner. We caught up with Kai Lenny and his father Martin from Maui. 16 year old Kai has just joined the oxbowpro team and has the talent to become an iconic waterman in the Dave Kalama/Laird Hamilton mould. Kai already excels in all the water, wave and wind disciplines and will no doubt be excited to put his stamp on international longboarding.

I paddled out for an evening session as the tide was low and the waves glassed off, surfing until the sun tipped whole into the Pacific. It has been a beautiful first day in California. Roll on the WLT tomorrow morning.

Final Leg of the Oxbowpro World Longboard Tour

Final Leg of the oxbowpro World Longboard Tour: San Onofre

From November 5th to 9th this year, the only oxbowpro World Longboard Tour event in
America will take place in San Clemente, CA. This surfing competition will draw the world’s
48 best longboarders to clash in the waves of San Onofre.

Far back in the history of surfing, longboards were the first surfboards shaped by men, the
ancient Hawaiians, who surfed on these massive wooden boards. Today, longboarding
embodies that board-riding tradition.
But longboarding is also synonymous with modernity. Thanks to technical progress, the 21st-
century longboard allows us to surf all kinds of waves, yet retain all the natural elegance of
this style of surfing.

This is why oxbowpro decided to create the World Longboard Championship, with the help of
Australian Nat Young. The first championship took place in Biarritz, France in 1991.
From that year on, the World Longboard Championship has traveled the world: Haleiwa,
Malibu, Saint Leu, Makaha, Jeffrey’s Bay, Cabo San Lucas, Raglan, and many other spots,
and it has helped establish longboarding as a force, once again, in the surfing world.

The year 2008 will be another great year for longboarding. The oxbowpro World Longboard
Championship becomes the oxbowpro World Longboard Tour, with an added 2nd stop, in San
Onofre, giving competitors a 2nd chance to win the world title!

Final Leg of the oxbowpro WLT: the Team

An organisation committee is a team, the heart of a competition, a brand, people with a passion who live and breathe longboarding.

For this leg of the oxbowpro WLT in San Clemente, oxbowpro has built a solid team of locals who have been working for months to put on a quality event.

At the heart of the event, Henry Ford is a true surfing legend. At 69 years old, this local from “SanO” has a background envied by many a sports lover. After being one of THE outstanding surfers of the ‘60s, he now makes his experience available to others by organising events all over the world: WLC in Costa Rica in 2006, women’s WLT in Cardiff. That was more than enough for oxbowpro to bring Henry on board!

Because longboarding is first and foremost a party, we wanted to be able to share, talk and have fun with everyone who makes longboard what it is, in California and throughout the world. With this in mind, the OC Tavern has opened its doors to us and has even joined forces with Longboard Beer to organise us a big party on the Thursday evening of the competition.

People with a passion, that’s all you need to organise a quality event in a spirit of sharing and fun.

Final Leg of the oxbowpro WLT: The Beach

San Onofre beach is a part of the history of California. People started to surf the break « Old
Man’s » back in the 1920s. From the days of redwood boards right up to epoxy, “SanO” has
always been THE Californian beach and has welcomed most all the prestigious surf legends,
such as Duke Kahanamoku, Dale Velzy, « Da Bull » Greg Noll, and many more.

San Onofre State Beach Park, created by Presidential decree in 1971, has five and a half miles
of coastline, and is among the top five most-visited state parks in California, with more than 2
million visitors a year.

A beautiful place, a prestigious beach, a spiritual experience — these are the reasons that
drove the oxbowpro brand to celebrate longboarding by crowning the 2008 World Longboarding
Champion in San Onofre, California.